Cleanup begins while leak continues

Chevron is trying to clean up part of the spill of oil and contaminated water. It is in the bottom of a dry stream bed in a remote area of Western Kern County. State Fish and Wildlife say no damage to local wildlife has been detected. Pretty hard to find evidence of that when heavy machinery is totally destroying what existed a few weeks ago. This was an ephemeral stream bed in a narrow and steep gully which was filled with native bushes and grass along both sides of a sandy bottom.

This was prime habitat for the endangered Kit Fox, Kangaroo Rat, Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard, and the Burrowing Owl. This gully would have been a safe passageway through an industrialized area of extreme oil production including wells, pumps, pipelines, steam generators, tanks, and oil stained dirt roads.

Here are a few photos posted by CDFW today. Below the photos are the latest reports on the quantity of the leak.

CDFW photo of cleanupcleanup of one section of spill acleanup of one section of spill update on oil spill07.29.19 chart of oil leak

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