SB 350 A Few Thoughts

We desperately need SB 350. Decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels 50% by 2030 for both electrical generation and for transportation is essential for buffering the coming impacts of climate change and global warming.

California is the world’s eighth largest economy. The naysayers who claim it won’t do any good for California to set these goals when the rest of the world does not are wrong. The rest of the world is coming along nicely and California is actually in danger of falling behind.

In this graph put out by the California State Senate is the current situation.

sb 350 goal and graph

The red line in the center is the most important indicator of whether humans will continue to rule over creation for a few more centuries That red line must plummet off the bottom of the graph over the next fifteen years if SB 350 is passed and the mandate is fulfilled.

Passing the mandate is the current struggle. Fulfillment of the mandate is the ultimate struggle.

The yellow and red lines have been falling since the 1970’s. Basically, fossil fuel was never so cheap that we could afford to grow our economy over the past 50 years without becoming more energy efficient.

Do not be distracted by impressive drops in the carbon intensity of the economy indicated by the yellow line. The only line that counts is the red one and it needs to start falling rapidly very soon. AB 32 rules began implementation in 2010. SB 350 regulations will not begin for three or four more years. It is unfortunate that we may not see significant drops in that red line until after 2020.

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