Glass factories pollute more than cars

There are seven large glass factories in the San Joaquin Valley. From fiberglass to wine bottles, these factories use tremendous amounts of energy and spew thousands of tons of air pollution into the lungs of valley residents every year. Some of them burn dirty fuels resulting in excessive SOx emissions.

The amount of NOx and SOx from these seven is what would be emitted from 4,600,000 cars, SUV’s and half-ton pickup trucks in a year if each were driven 12,000 miles. That is more vehicles than are privately registered in the San Joaquin Valley.

Here are the names, locations, products and combined NOx and SOx of the magnificent seven:

  1. Pilkington North America, Inc.; Lathrop, San Joaquin County; manufactures auto and window glass; 736 tons per year.
  2. Guardian Industries Corporation; Kingsburg, Fresno County; manufactures window glass; 521 tons per year.
  3. Gallo Glass Company; Modesto, Stanislaus County; manufactures wine bottles; 469 tons per year.
  4. Owens Brockway Glass Container; Tracy, San Joaquin County; manufactures glass containers from beer bottles to drinking cups; 439 tons per year.
  5. PPG Industries; Fresno, Fresno County; manufactures fiberglass; 389 tons per year.
  6. Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.; Madera, Madera County; manufactures a wide variety of products from windows to plastics and owns Certainteed listed below; 386 tons per year.
  7. Certainteed Corporation; Chowchilla, Madera County; manufactures roofing, siding, and fibreglass; 176 tons per year.

note: the assumption for cars and light trucks is that they meet the ten year old California Low Emission Vehicle Standard (LEV II) for NOx emissions which is .05 gram per mile. Much tighter standards (LEV III) will be implemented beginning in 2015.

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