Letter from Marjorie Bell, Kern County Resident

Comment Received From: Marjorie Bell
Submitted On: 9/19/2013
Docket Number: 08-AFC-08A

HECA: Excessive water use questionable

Water use issues in the Central Valley are so critical. Climate scientists predict even more drought years for the
American Southwest, and we live on the edge of the Mojave Desert where water resources are scarce. Los Angeles
already is needing more water for its huge and growing population: water for home use is severely restricted and
extremely expensive. (Water speculators are already overreaching for Kern County water to be used in L.A.
County.) Diminishing water supplies are a huge problem worldwide and will only increase in the next decades.
HECA uses 4,800 gallons per minute of water (described, of course, as “brackish” but farmers are right now
successfully using this very water on their crops). This kind of water use for a for-profit chemical fertilizer plant is
unsustainable! And it should never be permitted in the first place.
Colorado farmers are fighting big oil companies for water, and farmers always lose these expensive battles. How can
our Kern County farmers survive water battles with industries like HECA?
Please stop this project right now and save our taxpayer dollars for energy projects that are sustainable. HECA will
hurt us horribly in the long term.

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