How Not To Reach A Clean Air Health Standard

The chart below tells the story of worsening ozone levels in the Southern end of the San Joaquin Valley. Three smaller towns with ozone monitors were chosen between Fresno and Bakersfield. Clovis is on the east side of the valley. Three Rivers is in the foothills at 1700 ft a couple dozen miles south of Clovis. Shafter is in the center of the valley floor a few miles northwest of Bakersfield.

It appears by the number of violations each year that none of these three places are making any progress towards reaching the federal Clean Air Act standard of essentially zero violations.

People in these three towns and all over the valley are literally dying from this bad air. These levels rank the valley as the worst place to live in the nation for year round air quality.

Obviously something is wrong at the air district. They are approving too many sources of new pollution without adequate mitigation. They are also not making the rules for existing pollution sources that are necessary to get these trend lines back on a downward slope.

The people of the valley expect progress towards more healthful air even if it is slow.  No one expects to see things getting worse with the millions of dollars of taxpayer money being spent by the air district every year.

The Valley Air Board is responsible for this mess but the California Air Resources Board and the Federal EPA are letting them get away with murder.
Recent Trends with Ozone Violations

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