Clovis Ozone Levels Headed in Wrong Direction

Ever since the exceptionally refreshing year of 2004, the air quality in Clovis has generally degraded over the past eight years.  The air board promised a few years ago that by 2020 most of the valley would be in compliance with the 1997 8-hour ozone standard.  That standard was superseded by a more health protective standard in 2008.  The deadline for meeting the older standard is 2023.   The air board said only a few places like Arvin, at the southern end of the valley were deemed likely to need the full time to meet the standard.  The Air Board has always claimed they were on track to meet the standard.  In fact, they tried to guarantee they would make it on time by removing the ozone monitor in Arvin.

Meeting the standard requires nearly zero days when the maximum daily 8-hour ozone standard is 84 ppb or less.  Clovis had 25 violations of the standard this year.  There were more of these heart attack inducing days this year than any year since 2004.  There may also be a few more before the season ends in early November.

Is Clovis on track to comply with the standard by 2020 or even 2023?  Judge for yourself from the graph below.  The trend in total violations for 8 years in a row has been upwards, not downwards.  At this rate, Clovis residents may well never have healthy air to breathe!

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