June Ozone Levels Skyrocket in the San Joaquin Valley

A few weeks ago, as noted on this page air quality degrades, residents of the San Joaquin Valley were experiencing air pollution levels which were higher than normal and breathing was more difficult. Not much has changed the first three weeks of June. When compared to the same time period over the past three years, lungs were being damaged this year at significantly higher levels. Apparently, school letting out at the end of May has had no effect on air quality, much to the chagrin of the Air Board as they like to blame everyone but the real polluters for our misery.

This chart tells the story in stark detail. The average of all the daily 8-hour ozone readings for the first three weeks of June are compared for the years 2009-2012. Another bad indicator of worsening air pollution is the total number of violations. There have been nearly three times more violations so far this year than the average for the past three years of the antiquated 1997 Ozone standard.

1 thought on “June Ozone Levels Skyrocket in the San Joaquin Valley

  1. I saw your video on Youtube of the Delano Biomass site. I’m currently leading a campaign to fight the construction of a wood burning Biomass plant where I live, on the isle of Arran in Scotland. Any information you have on such plants would be helpful.

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