While claiming to be more health protective with a change in the red and purple levels for PM 2.5, the Air Board has actually toned down their “bad air” advisory system. They have done so by changing the colors on their graphs. The photos below show the old and new graphs for the same day and monitor (Clovis on December 27, 2011).

The old graph on the left clearly shows dangerous levels of pollution with the bright RED color. The message is clear:  “Don’t perform strenuous activity outdoors!”  The new graph in the middle seems to indicate a cloudy day and not much else. Colors are important and the RED is a universal warning of danger. The third graph is what the Air Board should use if they are truly interested in protecting public health from the air pollution they refuse to control.


  1. What really spooks me about RAAN is it looks like they’re planning on using it a long, long time. Not that we shouldn’t have a warning system and its nice to get the data more contemporaneously than from ARB.

    Thanks for speaking up on the colors at the board meeting. Were breathing rising red air in Fresno tonight and, as it’s a burn day, it won’t surprise me if it isn’t flaming purple by midnight.

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