In The Red Zone

Friday night lights and Valley Championships on the line. Eight teams between Fresno and Bakersfield played 4 championship games last night. All games started at 7 pm. Three were in Bakersfield and one was in Fresno. All four games were played in their entirety with both teams in the Red Zone. How is that possible?

Air quality during these games was in the Red Zone. The air was unhealthy for everyone. In other words, no one should have been exercising outdoors during this time. The Real Time Air Quality Advisory Network (RAAN) was up and running. Why were the games not cancelled? Has anyone ever heard of Saturday football in the afternoon when the air quality would have been almost guaranteed to be better?  Were any Air Board members at any of these games?

Here are charts of the air quality at game time last night in both Bakersfield and Fresno.

Bakersfield and Fresno game time air quality RAAN 12.09.11 PM 2.5

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