Recent Air Quality Trends

The chart below shows violations of the old, less health protective, 8-hour ozone standard over the past five years. Since the Arvin Bear Mt monitor was surgically removed from the monitoring system at the end of the 2010 ozone season by CARB and our Air Board, it is only logical to remove all the solo violations that monitor contributed to the total in the years 2007-2010 (about 43 in total).

2007-2011 1997 8-hr ozone violations in the San Joaquin Valley

What can be clearly seen in the chart is the total lack of improvement in total violations the past five years. This data does not give us hope that we will meet the 2023 date to have zero violations.   We will not only still be having many days of unhealthy air in the next decade but we will be paying big fines for attempts to further clean up the air at that time.

Why don’t we do it now?

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